Swan House Bed & Breakfast



The Swan House chalets all include an en-suite bathroom, freeview/DVD flatscreen TV's and basics such as alarm clocks, hair dryers and tea and coffee. Also there is ample private parking available per room.

Single Chalet:  55.00 per night (this price includes breakfast)

Twin Chalet:  80.00 per room per night (this price includes breakfast) 

Double Chalet:  80.00 per room per night (this price includes breakfast)

Family Chalet:  90.00 per night (this price includes breakfast) 

Leather Chair infront of a window looking out over the            Comfy single bed, fresh towels and reading lamp

stunning countryside, storage space and flat screen TV


Fully equipped bathroom with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel

 Beautiful double bed with twin bed-side cabinets and reading              Ample storage space and leather seating


 Cosy fireplace to keep the room toasty and a flat screen TV             Bathroom equipped with shower

 with freeview

Cosy Double Bed with twin cabinets and reading lamps.                Storage space and leather seating area.

               Glorious view of the surrounding countryside                                Fully equipped bathroom